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Skulls – April 2017 – dates announced!

Save the dates! The tournaments for the April 2017 of Skulls have been announced, and are as follows: Saturday 29 April 2017 Skulls 40k Skulls X-Wing: Battle for Anomaly 37 (link) Skulls Infinity Sunday 30 April 2017 Skulls 30k Skulls Kings of War Skulls Malifaux The details for X-Wing event have already been announced, more details for…… Continue reading Skulls – April 2017 – dates announced!

Events · Skulls

Outpost 6030 Skulls – X-wing: Battle for Anomaly 37

Hidden away in the Outer Rim, Anomaly 37 has drawn the attention of many. Scout’s have reported finds of rare ores of Stygium – found in volatile pyrophoric form around some of the larger asteroids and planetoids of Anomoly 37. While large scale processing of ore of this type would require resources neither side would…… Continue reading Outpost 6030 Skulls – X-wing: Battle for Anomaly 37

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Outpost 6030 2016-17 Activity Survey

Outpost 6030 2016-2017 Activity Survey In order for Outpost 6030 to best accommodate the games and make plans for the activities that YOU, our members, want, we’ve put together a survey to find out the games that you play, what you want to play, and what you want to see in tournaments and leagues. Please…… Continue reading Outpost 6030 2016-17 Activity Survey