Announcing Skulls XVI – Infinity

Hey Guys,

Just announcing the upcoming Infinity tournament to be run on Saturday the 12th November – please refer to the information below:

ITS Season 8: Tagline has just been released and what better way to kick off the season then with a tournament!!

When: Saturday the 12th November, arriving at 8:30am with dice down by 9am. Expected finish time around 6:00pm

Where: South Perth Community Centre, Corner of Sandgate Street and South Terrace,
South Perth (Outpost 6030)

Cost: The cost for the entire tournament is $25 for Outpost 6030 and Club Westgamer members, and $30 for everyone else. A $5 discount is available for one (and only one) event if you are attending two Skulls events over the weekend. Payment for entry can be submitted in person at Outpost 6030 Tuesdays before the event or via direct deposit to the following account:

Name: Outpost 6030 Incorporated

BSB: 036 069

Acc #: 603 621

Please remember to include your name and game system (Infinity) in the payment details so we can track your payment. Can you please also notify me when you pay so I know who I need to continue to chase up. Please be aware that we as a system are responsible for covering some of the cost of the hall hire for the weekend. As such I will need players attending to confirm and pay 1 week before the tournament (5/11/16) so I can inform the other systems (X-wing and 40K on Saturday) of the amount of space that we will require.

What: 4 Games of Infinity for the day. Players are allowed 2x 300 point lists (same sectorial and faction) and we will be using the “Limited Insertion” modifier:
This Extra means the scenarios have a narrow window of insertion, allowing for only small teams to be inserted into the zone of operations. So, players are not allowed to use Army Lists with more than one Combat Group.

We will also be using the Joint Operations format with Firefight, Highly Classified, Antenna Field and Comms Center the ITS missions being played on the day. The tournament will be governed by HSN3 rules and will be run by myself (with help from the knowledgeable James Higgins).

Pairings: For the first Tournament Round pairings are assigned at random. From the second Tournament Round on, a Swiss system is used. Players are ranked according to their Tournament Points scores, and ties are broken by comparing accumulated Objective Points scores. If the tie persists, compare the players’ accumulated Victory Points and, if this fails to break the tie, the total Objective Points from all their previous opponents in the tournament. Once all players are ranked, opponents are assigned in descending order of ranking (first against second, third against fourth, etc.). Please note that your Victory points refers to the number of surviving army points that you have at the end of the game.

Proxies: Will be allowed on the day as long as players using them clearly highlight these to their opponent (please note only Corvus Belli miniatures are allowed on the day)

Army Lists: Players will be allowed two army lists, however are free to only use one list during the day if that is their preference. There is no requirement for lists to be submitted prior to the day however courtesy lists for player’s opponents are mandatory. For any new players attending please ensure that you check on Army to make sure that your list is ITS compatible.

Prizes: A Season 8 ITS Tournament pack is up for grabs. This pack contains the special edition Scarface Turner Pilot Model, as well as additional ID Tags, Camo markers, limited edition patches, scenery pack and Extreme Prejudice cards.

The winner of the tournament will be assigned the Winner’s pack and following this those players who finished higher will get first choice of the remaining prizes in the pool. There will also be a sportsmanship award being given out on the day as well.

Timetable: Game time allowed will be 2 hours with a maximum of 3 turns per game (per ITS rules). Please note as we are working in with other systems / lunch times for the kitchen these times will need to be kept too on the day.

8:30 to 9:00 – Arrive and Set Up
9:00 to 11:00 – Round 1: Firefight
11:00 to 1:00 – Round 2: Highly Classified
1:00 to 1:30 – Lunch – The kitchen at the hall with be open serving hot food and drinks
1:30 to 3:30 – Round 3: Antenna Field
3:30 to 5:30 – Round 4: Comms Center
5:30 – 6:00 – Prizes and clean up

Registration: The tournament will be submitted as an official ITS tournament and as such each player must provide me with their ITS number. The pairings for the day will be handled by the ITS Tournament Manager App with player ITS numbers being essential. Please send these to me on facebook or via my personal e-mail. Please refer to this link for sign up if required:

Skulls ’16 Infinity Patch: I am getting special patches made up for the upcoming tournament. These will be given out to the first 8 players who have signed up and paid for the day. I am only ordering 8 and after that there will be no more available. Pictures to be posted on Facebook in the near future.

Terrain / Prize Support: Any players able to help out on the day and bring terrain would be much appreciated. While we may have some limited access to terrain from Outpost 6030 if we could be self sufficient that would be great. In addition if anyone would like to help contribute prize support on the day / know of sponsors who would be keen to donate some of their gear please let me know.

Contact: If you have any questions about this players pack or the tournament in general please contact me on

Looking forward to a fun day of gaming on the 12th!



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