Announcing Skulls XVI – X-Wing – “Storm of Fates”

An Outpost 6030 Skulls Event

X-wing: Storm of Fates

In the mist of Galactic Civil War, it is the very fates of heroes, villains and scoundrels which will determine the course of history – the Light versus the Dark, and everything in between…

Piggy-backing off Fantasy Flight Game’s standard rules for X-Wing dogfighting tournaments, Outpost 6030 will host an event that provides an interesting list building challenge, with a requirement for participants to bring two dissimilar* 75 point lists each.

General Details
– The tournament will be run on Saturday the 12th of November, with registration opening at 9.30am.
– The event is to be held at the South Perth Community Hall, Como, corner of South Tce and Sandgate St.
– The event will be 5 swiss-rounds of an hour duration each.
– This event has initially been capped at 20 participants, with a reserve list.

The day is to planned to progress as follows:

9.30 Registration begins
10.00 Initial Announcements, Plan for Day, 1st Game setup
10.15 1st Game with maximum time of 60 minutes
11.15 15 minute break
11.30 Announcements and Setup 5 minutes
11.35 2nd Game with maximum time of 60 minutes
12.35 Lunch
1.00 Announcements and Setup 5 minutes
1.05 3rd Game with maximum time of 60 minutes
2.05 15 minute break
2.20 Announcements and Setup 5 minutes
2.25 4th Game with maximum time of 60 minutes
3.25 15 minute break
3.40 Announcements and Setup 5 minutes
3.45 5th Game with maximum time of 60 minutes
4.45 TO collects final results and finalises ladder
5.00 Announcements and Presentations
5.15 End

Note: Some of these elements may run a bit faster/slower, but I’ve scheduled so the time is available.

Each participant’s dissimilar* lists will be denoted red and green. Your opponent each round will determine which of your lists you will fly based on their selection of a red or green manoeuvre on a movement dial after reviewing both – as you will select theirs in the same manner. Let the mind-games begin…

*To define Dissimilar – utilisation of different factions would generally be expected to provide dissimilar lists, but this should not stop Single-faction players from entering (nor does use of different factions guarantee automatic dissimilar status). Flying different classes of ships will go a long way to differentiating the lists. On list validation, if I feel you are running lists which are too similar, I’ll ask you to resubmit with some guidance. TO decision on this is final. Really this is meant to be a catch-all to avoid situations where two submitted lists by a participant are essentially identical. Just ask yourself if you’d be happy to be provided with your two options if you were the opponent, and you shouldn’t really go wrong. If you have any questions along the way to list submission, I’m happy to guide (questions early will pay dividends later…).

The current online FFG content will support this event bar the noted exceptions presented within this post; the newest revision of support material (Core Rules, Tournament Regulations and FAQ) available for over a week before list submission will be used. ie Support Information current as of Wednesday 2nd of November will be used for this event. If there is any question in the lead up, Outpost will clarify.

FAQ version 4.2.3 will be used on the day.

Online FFG content including Core Rules, Tournament Regulations and FAQ can be found here:

Note on Byes – there will be none. A ringer will be available if we have an odd number of participants. The ringer will play as a normal player. Further, if someone is late to the tournament, they will receive scores of 0 (Tournament Points and MOV) for the rounds missed.

All ships appropriate for use in standard Dogfighting Tournaments (ie non-epic ships) available in WA retail stores prior to list submission are valid for use in the tournament. No proxy cards or proxy ship tiles are allowed.

List Submission
List submission of both lists will be by midnight Wednesday 9th of November; after this I must start issuing contracts to the Bounty Hunters to find missing lists.

List submission is to:

Prize Structure
The award and prize structure for the tournament is dependent on paid tickets ie Confirmed cleared payments in advance enlarge the prize pool.

10 people confirmed paid
– Trophy Shield for 1st

– Certificates for 2nd and 3rd
– Also an Early-Bird raffle prize of a standard blister expansion pack for the first 10 participants with confirmed payments
– The ‘Unlucky (space) Monkey’ Award

14 people confirmed paid
– First place will also receive a standard blister expansion pack
– A large blister expansion pack door prize will be will be awarded to someone amongst the playing cohort*.

16 people confirmed paid
– A standard boxed expansion pack door prize will be awarded to someone amongst the playing cohort*.

20 people confirmed paid
– A large boxed expansion pack door prize will be awarded to someone amongst the playing cohort*.

*Participants can only win 1 door prize each :)

Also bare in mind that Outpost 6030 will be running a raffle on the day; bring your spare coins and notes for a chance at the additional goodies on offer!

A ticket for this exciting event is $30.
An Outpost 6030 membership and/or Westgamer membership will discount this cost by $5.

If you are attending either Outpost 6030’s Malifaux, Warhammer 30,000 (Horus Heresy) or Kings of War tournaments on Sunday 13th of November, you may discount one ticket by a further $5.

Payment can be made in person at Outpost 6030 on normal club nights before the date, or can be electronically submitted as below:

Outpost 6030 Incorporated
BSB: 036 069
Acc#: 603 621

For the electronic payment, reference your name and that you are playing X-wing.

For either payment method, please message me that you have paid via email – Please also indicate which discounts you may be claiming.

Note: Electronic payments will be clearer for determining which people were the first to pay Early-Bird.

Outpost 6030 will be cooking up a Sausage Sizzle on the day for Lunch – pricing information TBA.

Also available will be a selection of chocolates and drinks.

* Fade in of John William’s Duel of Fates… *
If you have any questions, please email Phil at, or if you’re a member of westgamer, check out the thread and discussion here

–Phil (aka Paradox)


3 thoughts on “Announcing Skulls XVI – X-Wing – “Storm of Fates”

  1. Hi Folks,

    X-wing: Storm of Fates is less than 6 weeks away now, and we still have Early Bird positions available for entry into an exclusive raffle draw of an X-wing expansion pack.

    We need participants to start confirming their attendance and begin to pay for spots (early bird spots are on first participants paid) – this helps Outpost 6030 also organise appropriate prize support (ie, Trophies need 4 weeks lead time).

    Should be a fantastic alternative X-wing event amongst the larger tournament vibe of an Outpost 6030 Skulls Weekend.


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