Announcing Skulls XVI – Warhammer 30k – “Galaxy in Flames”

After much anticipation, I am excited to officially announce

Outpost 6030’s Skulls XVI
A Horus Heresy Warhammer 30,000 Tournament

When: Sunday the 13th of November, doors open at 8:00 am, games start at 8:30 am and finish at 6:30 am, doors close at 7:00 pm

Where: South Perth Community Centre, Corner of Sandgate Street and South Terrace, South Perth (Outpost 6030)

Cost: $25 for Outpost 6030 members, $30 for non-members.

A $5 discount is available for one event if you are attending two Skulls events over the weekend.

Payment for entry can be submitted in person at Outpost 6030 Tuesdays before the event or via direct deposit to the following account:
Name: Outpost 6030 Incorporated
BSB: 036 069
Acc #: 603 621

Please include your name and “Horus Heresy” in the payment details so we can track your payment.

What: 2500 points, 3 games

We decided to run fewer games at a higher points level to give players access to their bigger toys and give them the time to enjoy them on the table

Because this is a Horus Heresy event, instead of having an overall winner, players must choose their allegiance: Loyalist or Traitor. Players are battling for overall victory of their side.

Awards will be given to the Best Loyalist (Sword of Terra) and Best Traitor (Burner of Worlds). The Best Army (Arch Magos Artificer) will be awarded to the best painted army and Most Popular Army (Revered Illuminator) will be awarded based on votes by the players.

The Player’s Pack can be downloaded from the link below:

Player’s Pack

Questions? Feel free to email me at

–Jacob (aka Death by Monkeys)


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