Galaxy in Flames – Final Results!

Galaxy in Flames Final Results!

All right, gents! Here are the final tallies. As noted at the end of the tournament on Sunday, the Traitors won 17 games to the Loyalists 10 wins.

Generalship scores are the combined total victory points a player earned across their three games.

Painting scores are based on the points rubric listed in the Players Packet out of 30 points. As was little surprise to those that his display, Timo (Arch Magos Artificer) won the judged painting with 29 out of 30 points. I think it’s impressive, though, that there were 5 other players that each scored 27 out of 30 points.

The Overall score, as noted in the Players Packet is based on 65% for Generalship and 35% from Painting. Overall scores for each team are listed from highest to lowest. The higher Generalship and Overall scores of the Traitor team reflect the additional wins the Traitors had over the Loyalists. Congratulations to Sam (Sword of Terra) for taking the highest Overall score for the Loyalists and to Rhys (Burner of Worlds) for earning the highest Overall score for the Traitors.

The Peer Voted placings show the ranking based on the player’s votes. While Timo also received the most votes, because he had already won the judged painting, the Revered Illuminator award goes to the player with the next highest votes, Marcus.


Thank you to all the players for the great showing and the beautiful collection of armies. I hope you guys all had a great time. With the great showing we had for this tournament, I expect we’ll be running another Horus Heresy tournament again at Outpost’s April Skulls weekend.


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