Age of Sigmar

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Age of Sigmar League

Some may have heard it already. We are planning to run a slow grow league for Age of Sigmar at Outpost. I am thinking of starting it in January, maybe late December, with the aim to have a tournament ready list in April, just in time for Skulls XVII. Off we go, pants down, who is keen joining this league?

(I will also use this poll to see if we might have enough interested to get a group order of sorts organised for some “Start Collecting!” boxes…no promises though) There won’t be a “No thanks, this is nothing for me” option. If that is the case neither the poll, nor the league are for you anyway 😉 Here are the details for the league:

1st game (6th or 20th) December 2016: 400 points 1-2 Leaders, 1+ Battleline, 0 Artillery/Behemoths

2nd game January 2017 600 points 1-2 Leaders, 2+ Battleline, 0 Artillery, 0-1 Behemoths

3rd game February 2017 1,000 points 1-4 Leaders, 2+ Battleline, 0-2 Artillery, 0-2 Behemoths

4th game March 2017 1,500 points 1-5 Leaders, 3+ Battleline, 0-3 Artillery, 0-3 Behemoths

5th game April 2017 2,000 points 1-6 Leaders, 3+ Battleline, 0-4 Artillery, 0-4 Behemoths

For the first two rounds we will play with split points. If 10 guys cost 120 points, you can also buy 1 guy for 12 points to get your total points closer to the 400/600 point limits. After that we will go to adopt Triumphs (incl the tournament).

The entire league (and tournament) will be played with measuring from the base instead weapons/model pieces. Round bases are not required, but preferable.

The first games will be played on 4×4 tables and expanded to 6×4 at the 1,500 point limit.

There might be some extra rules for each round, but they’ll be announced closer to the date.


Check our facebook page for further info, discussion and the poll!