Battle for Armageddon – 2nd ed 40k League

Hi all,

We are running a slow grow league for 2nd Edition 40k at the Outpost 6030 games club!

The clubs is located at the South Perth Community Centre, Corner of South Terrace and Sandgate St, South Perth.
It is open from 7:15 till 10:45 most Tuesday nights, see the other posts in this forum for the dates in each calendar year.
The cost to play on the night for non-members is $7 – this helps cover the cost of maintaining the terrain (of which there is plenty), hire the hall etc etc.
We’ve also got chocolates and soft drink available as well as a raffle with $1 tickets for various hobby things from Tactics (can exchange for the $ value).


It will be a low effort affair, aiming for a 1250 point force within 6 months. Emphasis on dusting off old models and older rule sets.
We’d be looking to use Battle Bible (1.5.1) for all those who don’t have copies of the late 90’s books (PM me)!

Battle Bible 1.5.1: … e-1-51.pdf

Also note Katatonic’s FAQ v1.1 April 2014: … 202014.pdf

Also the quick reference sheet (from the starter box) is handy: … h.jpg.html … e.jpg.html

To demonstrate how low the model count (and effort) could be, here is a vanilla 1250pt Space Marine list, consisting of only 22 marines and 1 vehicle:

HQ (235 points, 2 models):
Terminator Captain, Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield + Jump Pack + Combat Drugs = 166pts (not quite legal with the FAQ)
Veteran Chaplain, Crozius Arcanum, Rosarius, Bolt Pistol + Jump pack + Digilasers = 69pts

Troops (868 points, 20 models):
(10) Devastator Squad + 2 Lascannons, + 2 Missile Launchers with Melta and Anti-plant missiles, remaining with bolters = 500pts
(10) Assault Squad, + 1 Sgt with power fist, + 2 Meltas, remaining 7 Marines with Bolt Pistols and Power Swords (42) = 368pts

Vehicles (145 points, 1 vehicle):
Land Speeder: Heavy Flamer + Assault Cannon (145)

=1248 points, 23 models.

And to show you how crazy and different the lists you face could be, here is a Demon World list-

HQ (431pts, 2 models):
(x1) Demon Prince: Foul Spawn (Nurgle)
(x1) Chaos Warrior Exalted Champion, Mark of Nurgle Carapace Armour, Chain Axe, Plasma Pistol

Troops/Warbands (634pts, 30 models):
(x20) Beastmen Warband, primitive armor, axes, x5 with hand flamers, x5 plasma pistols, x10 with auto pistols
(x5) Minotaur Warband, x4 Primitive shields, x5 Chain Axes
(x5) Troll Warband, Axes (100pts)

Allies (185pts, <25%):
(x3) Veteran Chaos Space Marines + 2 Missile Launchers w/ Plasma Missiles

= 1250 points, 35 models.

While it would be low-effort painting wise, I’m aware we currently have a heresy league running until late September, a Saga league, an ear-marked Infinity League from October and a mini-Malifaux league possibly in to September as well- would anyone be interested to start after (late September over christmas) or wait for the new year? (Wary it’s not just the painting time but headspace for another set of rules).

I thought the time line of the Rising Fury league worked well for learning rules incrementally, so something along the lines of:

League Structure:

200 points – Pre league, mini game / round robin meet and greet ( 30th August ).
400 points – Month 1 (+ Proper HQ and Wargear) (13th September)
600 points – Month 2 (+ Vehicles) (4th October – may change due to overlap as outpost only open one night in October)
800 points – Month 3 (+ Psykers) (8th November)
1200 points – Month 4 (Renegade Extraction Team game, 2 vs 2, 600pts per player) (13th December before the break)
1000 points – Month 5 (+ Allied detachments available) (Late January?)
1250 points – Month 6 (Final Match ups, Outcome of the Imperium and Prizes) (February)

As a bit of fun, I can track various victories throughout the league and at the end we can see whether the imperium shines, burns or ‘goz krunch frem d’ boyz’.

Expansion on timeline above / the army rules:
• All wargear (incl. Dark Millenium) allowable from Month 1 onwards
• Until 600 points is reached, no stand-alone vehicles (HQ / Troop mounts OK before now)
• Until 800 points is reached, no Psykers (whole new rules phase)
• Psykers will be limited at Mastery Level 2 any Psykers which have higher masteries (e.g. Hive Tyrant – Level 4) can only purchase/flip for 2 powers. I am discussing nerfing the power level of Psykers across the board to 2 and leaving the points as is – and encourage you to have your say below
• As some lists are under-developed / limited (e.g. Sisters of Battle, Adeptus Arbites) they will have access to allies from Month 2 onwards
• Monthly game missions will be generated at random for individual games from the original mission cards, while the team game will have Renegade Extraction special missions
• Players are encouraged to convert and go crazy with the modelling- as the model count will be low and the options are many the more green stuff and conversion the better. Have a look at the source material from the time (old codexes, with pages like John Blanches drawings in the Chaos Codex (click) A prize* will be awarded to the team that gets the most VP at Month 4, with an additional prize* awarded for best army at the end of the league.

I’d hope it’s an approachable low-effort league, and something that any established 40k player could probably cobble together from odds and ends from their bits box, beefing out the generic foot troopers of their army from their current forces. With low model counts people can start and stay in the league longer, while giving those with an idea that just doesnt match current meta (whatever that is ;) ) an opportunity to give it a shot. Say… that old WHFB dwarf army would look nice with lasguns…

1) Best Team (December doubles overall winners)
2) Voted League Favourite Army (Nostalgia/Painting/Conversion)

(Happy to discuss concerns re: cheese/lack thereof)

*Chocolates, certificates and raffle tickets count as prizes, yeah?

Ideally there would be no monstrous creatures or crazy vehicles from newer releases (due to scale creep), sticking with 3rd / 4th era sculpts or older for those critters…


If those images and army lists didn’t jog your memory, here is a quick run down of the odds and ends available in each list:

Available army lists and grab of odd units include:
-Chaos (CSM and Demons under one banner, Dreadnaughts have Stupidity/Frenzy, Chaos Terminators pre-heresy armor or post-heresy armor, Cypher the fallen angels champion who just can’t be killed)
-Chaos Demon World (Demon Princes, Chaos Warriors with axes, Beastmen packs, Minotaurs and Trolls)
-Chaos Cult (Demon Gifts, Cultist Covens and Beastmen Packs)
-Eldar (Pirates and Harlequins)
-Imperial Agents (Mechanicus Electro Priests and Inquisitor Lords)
-Imperial Adeptus Arbites (Judges, Arbitrator Squads and Imperial Assassins)
-Imperial Guard (Pre-game Preliminary Barrage, Nork Deddog, Sentinels with assault cannons)
-Necrons (early days, Warriors, Scarabs and Destroyers only)
-Orks (Pulsa Rokkitz, Skar Boyz, Mad Boyz, Boar Boyz)
-Sisters of Battle (Frateris Militia band)
-Space Marines (all squads count as troops: Terminators, Tactical, Assault, Devastators, Bikes and Scouts – anyone who can take a hand weapon can take a powerfist)
-Blood Angels (Veterans, Death Company)
-Dark Angels (Deathwing, Ravenwing Land Speeder and Bikes squadrons)
-Legion of the Damned (Sergeant Centurius, Legionnaire squads)
-Space Wolves (Bjorn, Long Fangs, Wolf Guard squads of 20 men)
-Ultramarines (Veterans, Marneus Calgar with his WS and BS of 8.)
-Squats (Mole Mortars, Ancestor Lords)
-Tyranids (Pre-game squad events; “Jones is acting strangely”, Hive Tyrants with Terror and WS 8…)
-Genestealer Cult (Patriarch, Cult Magus, access to almost all SM vehicles (e.g. Land Raiders, Land speeders) and Sentinels / Chimeras)

I think the low model count but 40k draw would allow for a bit more cross over from our predominant skirmish guys / 40k guys as well? Also more than happy to talk and tone down the cheese (limiting the regenerating carnifexes and GK terminators?)
Wary that while the model count may be low, the D6 rolls required will be high :D

It’s like 40k, but with mid 90’s crazy. As it was a bit uncontrolled back in the day, we will add some house rules by consensus and I’ll again reiterate that it’s not an arms race / cheese league. If you are keen let me know which path you’d like to take!

On top of all that, we will be tracking VP of forces of good and ill to see whether Armageddon stands tall or meets it’s maker by the end of the league.


(now with flashy excel graphs of awe)